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Lonsdale Accountants is a leading chartered accounting and business advisory firm specialising in the provision of taxation, accounting, audit and business advisory services to private family owned businesses. We service clients covering a broad spectrum of industries including retail, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, international, medical, wholesale, real estate, and entertainment.

Our Directors

Maher Elias


Maher Elias

Maher is a chartered accountant with over 32 years Public Practice experience and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

 >   Bachelor of Business (Accounting and IT) 1983

 >   Internal Auditor – MYER Stores Ltd 1984 – 1985

 >   Accountant in Public Practice 1985 – 1991

 >   Partner of a Public Practice firm 1991 – Current

Maher possess a wealth of experience in business services covering retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, logistics, property development, franchising, agricultural, professionals and other business activities. Having also owned and operated various successful small to medium size (SME) businesses in franchising, wholesaling, property development and retailing. Maher is in a unique position to advise from first-hand experience on how to succeed in the SME world of business.

Maher believes that not only do you have to work hard to earn a living but you need to implement an appropriate wealth creation strategy to ensure your assets (property, businesses and cash) work just as hard as you do. The means to wealth creation is an appropriate level of leveraging (employees, consultants, banks, property, brands, businesses etc). Connecting quality people to your organisation is an integral part of success.

Maher can help achieve your financial and other business goals through the following services:

 >   Strategic business and financial advice

 >   Management advisory services

 >   Family Advisory Board services including chairing and conducting family meetings

 >   Succession and estate planning

 >   Property purchase negotiations

Centor Partners

Centor Partners is our wealth management business.

It signifies the joint venture between Lonsdale Accountants with Principal Partners, an independently owned financial planning firm established over 30 years ago. Centor Partners is managed by a Board of Management comprising present directors Dario Gamba and Maher Elias of Lonsdale Accountants being joined by two of the Directors of Principal Partners. Industry figures indicate that the financial planning industry in Australia is now 85% owned and licensed by the major banks and fund managers.

Centor Partners is a truly independent firm, licensed through Principal Partners AFS License and remains un-aligned or owned by a bank or fund manager. This enables Centor Partners provide unbiased advice along with market leading products and great service to all our clients.

Matthew Morley


Matthew Morley

In a career spanning 20 years, Matthew has worked in a number of senior positions within the financial services sector with some of Australia’s major listed financial services companies, bringing to Principal Partners a wide range of skills and experience.

Joining Principal Partners in 2003 to initially focus on building the businesses corporate superannuation exposure, over the past 11 years Matthew’s role has developed into a more general marketing and business development focus, initially to build and maintaining internal relationships with the Horwath / BDO accounting team and in more recent times to extend this to accounting and law firms and banking groups.

Matthew’s focus involves driving new business and investment opportunities through channel marketing, packaging wholesale investment opportunities to wider financial services market and building a Not-For-Profit presence whilst maintaining focus on the businesses general marketing needs.


John Brady

John is the sole Director of Principal Partners (VIC) Pty Ltd. With over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector, John has assisted clients by developing strategic plans and managing agreed, targeted outcomes which enable them to achieve their financial goals and lifestyle outcomes.

After seven years focusing on roles in insurance and superannuation, John founded John Brady & Associates in 1987. In 1996, John helped establish Australian Financial Services, one of Australia’s leading dealer groups. In 1999, his company formed a joint venture with the accounting practice Horwath (Vic) to provide financial planning and wealth creation solutions. Following the merger between Horwath (Vic) and BDO in 2007, the business was re-branded as BDO Wealth Management and in 2012 has been fully reacquired by John as Principal Partners (VIC) Pty Ltd.

John’s focus has been to educate clients on the need for proper strategic planning which involves an understanding of a wide range of financial issues. John advises all manner of clients from individuals commencing the wealth accumulation process through to retirees, the Not-for-profit sector and private organisations.

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